1972. The birth of the 5-star Hotel Schloss Pichlarn also marks the beginning of the success story of Golf & Country Club Schloss Pichlarn. Founded at that time with 9 holes, the beautiful course is the second oldest golf course in Styria and one of the oldest golf courses in Austria. Fritz Ries, the owner of Hotel Schloss Pichlarn at that time, did real pioneering work with the construction of the golf course.

The signature of Donald Harradine

In the mid-1980s, architect Donald Harradine, one of the pioneers of European golf, expanded the course to 18 holes. To this day, the golf course bears his elegant signature: the perfect harmony of the hills and valleys of the terrain and all the demands that a sporting course should fulfill.

Reopening with Bernhard Langer

The Pichlarn golf course was already put through its paces when it was reopened in 1985. The then reigning US Masters Champion Bernhard Langer did the honors at Pichlarn. His course record of 66 strokes, set at the opening, stood for more than 25 years. Word of this record spread and made GCC Schloss Pichlarn famous far beyond the country’s borders.

Stories that (golfer) life writes

For more than 50 years now, the irons have been swung in Pichlarn. One tournament highlight followed the other. Here, between the Schladming-Dachstein Region and the “Gesäuse” National Park, memories for life have been created – from the albatross (double eagle) to the 4 iron wantonly sunk in the pond.

A look into the future

Tradition, challenge and beauty – these attributes are often mentioned at the same time as GCC Schloss Pichlarn. However, beauty alone is not enough for us. Sustainability and the claim to constantly improve in the spirit of nature is an important pillar of the IMLAUER philosophy. This is also evident on the golf course. So that we can still be proud of this golf course in 50 years.

The Green is calling!

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