Championship season 2021

The following championships were contested by the team players of our club in the 2021 playing season:

  1. – May 30 – Austr. Senior Team Championships (GC Sterngartl)
  2. – June 27 – Austr. MidAm Team Championships (GC Swarco-Amstetten)
  3. – July 25 – Styrian Club Team Championships (GC Graz Thalersee)
  4. – August 23 – Styrian Senior Team Championships (GC Gut Murstätten)

Austr. Senior Team Championship 2021 – Relegation to the 7th Division

In the run-up to the Austrian Senior Team Championships, the fixed date for the 6th Division was initially postponed and then corrected back to the original date without additional information to the affected teams. For our team, this confusion about the date meant that we had to organize everything within a few days and therefore unfortunately could not compete in the strongest line-up at GC Sterngartl. We played in round robin mode with GC Traunsee as our opening opponent, against whom we suffered a 1.5 : 3.5 defeat, with two of our games being lost very narrowly on the last hole (the points for Pichlarn were scored by R. Pickl and E. Weitgasser (a.s.)). Round 2 gave us a very strong opponent in the form of GC Almenland, against whom we could only score one point with two split games (R. Pickl and H. Schuster). In the final match against GC Adamstal, H. Schuster and E. Weitgasser scored for our club, resulting in the final score of 1.5 : 3.5.Unfortunately, our match performance did not guarantee a stay in the 6th division was enough. The only consolation – through the opening of an additional 7th division, at least for the coming year, the arduous qualification is omitted!

Austr. midAm team championship 2021 – relegation to the 6th division

The 2021 Austrian midAm Team Championships were held for the 5th Division at GC Swarco-Amstetten in Lower Austria. Against the opening opponent GC Thalersee only M. Luidold could fully score in the 1 : 4 defeat. In the second match against GC Golfschaukel, M. Luidold (a.s) and Captain J. Baltl with his clear 6 on 4 win against a very strong opponent contributed the points to the final score of 1,5 : 3,5. In the final match against GC Seefeld-Wildmoos M. Luidold (he remained unbeaten in all three matches!), C. Perhab and the foursome with C. Wohlmuther and M. Erhart scored for the deserved final score of 2,5 : 2,5. Overall, however, this meant only fourth place in the group and at the same time relegation to Division 6 for the coming season.

Styr. Club Team Championship 2021 – 6th place in 2nd flight

Captain Johannes Baltl used our young talent Matthias Jansenberger for the first time at this year’s club team championships at GC Thalersee. He played in the foursome in all three matches and was able to gain valuable experience for future championship competitions! Against the opening opponent GC Trofaiach there was a clear 0,5 : 4,5 – defeat, whereby Niki Flicker contributed with his all square the half point. Things went much better against GC Liebenau, who could be defeated with victories of C. Perhab, J. Burisch and Max Flicker with 3 : 2. The final game against the GC St. Lorenzen was unfortunately lost very narrowly with 2 : 3 (victories of J. Baltl and Max Flicker), nevertheless remains with the 6th final rank in the 2nd flight a good starting position for the coming year.

Styr. Senior Team Championship 2021 – 5th place in the 2nd flight

This year’s Styrian Senior Team Championships took place at GC Murstätten from August 20 to 22. As in the previous championship tournaments, we had to do without some of our regular players, but were still able to deliver a very appealing sporting performance. Although the opening match against GC Liebenau was lost 1.5:3.5 (the final result seems much clearer than the individual, partly close matches actually were), we were able to score an unproblematic 4.5:0.5 victory against GC Bad Gleichberg in the second match (victories for Hannes Schuster & Ewald Luidold, Robert Meier, Gerhard Rainer and Erich M. Pötsch as well as a forced all square for our clearly leading president Fritz Kaltenbrunner).

On the final day we once again met the GC Almenland – a more than exciting encounter with a true heartbeat finale. After a very close 1-on defeat of our (physically unfortunately a bit battered) foursome with president Fritz Kaltenbrunner and Ewald Luidold, the score was 2:1 on points after victories of Robert Meier (three matches = three victories!) and Erich M. Pötsch, and therefore the decision had to be made in the two remaining singles. Edi Weitgasser had to admit defeat on the last hole after an exciting chase and so everything depended on Hannes Schuster, who finally brought his opponent to his knees on the 4th extra hole and fixed the deserved final score of 3:2 for our team. This result means at the same time place 5 in the 2nd flight and so we are qualified again for the main competition in the coming season.

Many thanks to all team players for the great sportsmanship and great team spirit!