Hole 2
“Guinness Book of Records”

The story of hole 2 is almost unbelievable! A few years ago, an ambitious father-in-law took his “non-golfing” son-in-law out for a round as his caddie. When they arrived at the second tee, the son-in-law boldly asked if he could try a tee shot. Although the father-in-law usually knows golf etiquette, he made an exception and let him try the first shot of his life. What happened next is simply incredible. The son-in-law hit the ball perfectly, it flew towards the green and landed directly in the hole – a hole-in-one on the very first shot! This is the crazy part of golf! By the way, the son-in-law ended his golf career after this perfect shot. He felt that it could only go downhill from here.