There is a lot of new on Pichlarn
new pond, new machines, new drainage and forest work

Tuesday, 07 Mar 2023

Dear members, dear friends of our golf club,

a lot has happened on our golf course since December to bring our golf course bit by bit towards the Leading Golf Course:

Irrigation pond hole 4 & 5

Since the end of February, the ponds at hole 4 and 5 have been combined into one large irrigation pond. The new pond will be twice the size of the 2 old ponds. We are thus creating the basis for equipping our golf course with an automatic, efficient irrigation system in the next few years, which will significantly improve the playability of the course. The work on the new pond should be roughly completed by the end of March / beginning of April.

Great thanks are due to our water expert and member Manfred Marko, who is leading the project day and night.

Drainage hole 3, 6 & 8

In addition to irrigation, drainage of the court is an essential element in good playability. Since mid-October, approximately 3,500 linear feet of drainage tubing has been installed on holes 3, 6, & 8. The completion of the project should be completed by mid-April. The first heavier rains show that it is a significant improvement on these holes.

Forest work

After a first big step was set in winter 2020/ 2021 to get more light / air and sightlines on many holes, we set the second step this winter. Many damaged timber areas and potential hazard zones during storms have been cleared. Erich Pötsch helped us a lot with his expertise and time to carry out careful but necessary forest work. Unfortunately, due to the mild winter, there has been some damage to the fairways, which we will repair as best we can in the coming weeks.

new machines

To further improve the quality of the greenery, an all-electric green mower from Toro was purchased. Another machine, which is used among other things as a rough mower, is a new member of our machine park.

In general, work and planning is underway in many different areas of the golf facility. Further measures at the golf course and in the promotion of the golf course among others on Sky Golf are part of it and there are still one or two surprises waiting for you during the golf season.