Upgrade golf course
On the way to becoming a Leading Golf Course

The golf course in Pichlarn will have a completely new look for 2024. In addition to extensive adaptations to the course, the driving range is also being completely rebuilt. The declared aim: the golf course at IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn is to become a leading course. This project will be implemented by golf course architects Toni Ortner and Snorry Vilhjalmsson from the Olazabal Golf Course Design Group. Below is an overview of the improvements that will be made to our golf course in 2024. Until the adaptations are completed, the course can be played as a 14-hole course.


The green area on fairway 2 has been redesigned. On fairway 4, the landing zone in front of the pond is re-modulated, as is the landing zone after the pond.


Fairway 5 is being completely renovated. Both the tees and the green. This redesign will create a signature hole for Pichlarn. The view from the tee across the pond towards the IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn with the local mountain Grimming in the background will remain in the memory of every player.


The tees of fairway 9 are moved a little to the southwest. This makes this hole more playable.

The pond, which was expanded for irrigation in 2023, will be extended once again, firstly to provide even more water for the irrigation system and secondly to ensure that the course and water complement each other harmoniously.


Fairway 11 is the second, along with fairway 5, to be completely renovated. Both the tees and the green will be moved to the west. The fairway is reshaped along its entire length so that the ball no longer rolls away in the direction of 10.

The path from 11 to 12 was completely redesigned through the forest. This now runs directly from the new green 11 with a slight incline. This redesign has made it possible to defuse a major point of criticism


The aim here is to prevent balls from being lost in the forest, especially in the landing zones, by filling in the sides. In the last third, the fairway is adjusted so that the green is much easier to play on.


One of the biggest changes will be in the driving range area. The following is implemented here:

  • Driving range:
    • The existing driving range buildings will be replaced by new buildings, which will also be realigned. (This is implemented in two stages so that the range is always playable)
    • The range will be realigned in its direction of play and expanded in width. Part of the former forest area will be reforested, the other part will be incorporated into the driving range.
    • TRACKMAN Range: A Trackman Range is installed. This technique significantly enhances training for anyone who wants to use the range. You can find more information about a Trackman Range here: https://www.trackman.com/de/golf/range
  • Practice Area
    • In the eastern part, a practice area will be built over the entire area. A practice area for the short game is being designed here that is almost unique in Austria.