Championship season 2017

The following events/championships were contested by our club’s team players during the 2017 playing season:

Qualification for the Österr. Senior Team Championship (GC Frauenthal)

Styr. MidAm Team Championship (GC Styrian Mountain Mariahof)

Styr. Senior Team Championships (GC Styrian Mountain Mariahof)

Styr. Club Team Championships (GC Almenland)

Austr. MidAm Team Championships (GC Lengenfeld)

Qualification for the Österr. Senior Team Championships 2017

At 13. and 14. May our seniors fought in the GC Frauenthal as one of 23 teams from all over Austria for a total of only four starting places (mode: counting betting game over 2 rounds, valuation of the best three results/day). After a tough preliminaries in Pichlarn, Gerhard Rainer, Harry Ramsbacher, Richard Pickl and Edi Weitgasser faced the challenges of the Frauenthal Ciaslat meadows on the 1st match day. Gerhard put one of the best scores of the entire starting field on his scorecard with a strong round of 79. Edi and Harry fell a little short of their own expectations, but with their two scores overall they ensured a good 12th intermediate place after the first day with a gap of only 8 strokes to a qualification place.

Fully motivated, Gerhard and Harry started again on the 2nd match day, plus Ewald Luidold and our president Fritz Kaltenbrunner. Rainer again played a solid round (9 over par) despite a shoulder blister and Harry also made an important contribution to the team result with the same score. Ewald struggled with increasing back problems and unfortunately Fritz couldn’t follow up on his great performance in the one-game round either. In the end, there was a small improvement to the 10th overall place, which was worthy of respect, but it was still a few strokes short of a successful qualification.
What remains is a strong fighting performance, a great commitment to our GCC Pichlarn as well as an unbroken good team spirit also off the course! Many thanks to all the players – I am sure that we will represent our club successfully in the next competitions!

Styr. midAm Team Championships 2017 – Remaining in the 2nd flight

After the cancellation of the Murtaler at short notice our MidAms met the strong GC Almenland on the last match day. Unfortunately, Berni Gruber and senior captain Erich M. Pötsch could not continue their recent tournament performance in the foursome and were defeated by 5 to 4. Richard Pickl – the day before still competing in the seniors – always had his opponent well under control and won with 3 on 2. With the same result Bernhard Bonfert had to admit defeat despite a very strong performance. The intermediate score of 2:2 was ensured by our midAm-Captain Johannes Baltl, who sent his opponent into the clubhouse after 12 holes in a sovereign manner. The decision was now up to Edi Weitgasser, who forced a play-off on the 18th hole – this ended in spite of a very good performance by Edi somewhat unhappily on the 3rd extra hole, which meant a narrow 2:3 defeat and remaining in the 2nd flight.


Styr. Senior team championships 2017 – victory in the 2nd flight and promotion

This year’s Styrian Team Championships in Mariahof ended with a triumphant result for the Pichlarn seniors! Victory in the 2nd flight and thus (re)promotion to the 1st flight. This great final result now in detail:

The first match against the strong Murtalers was only decided in the last, extremely exciting single by Richard Pickl on the 18th hole. Before that, Ewald Luidold and Heli Lemmerer already shone in the foursome as well as Robert Meier in his singles and thus secured the deserved final score of 3:2.

So it was clear – showdown against the GC Ennstal, who had come to Mariahof in the strongest line-up and with great expectations. Our foursome with Ewald and Heli put the Weißenbacher under pressure from the beginning and finally got the 1:0 with a great performance on the 1st extra hole. Unfortunately, Robert Meier could not quite follow his strong performance of the day before and had to admit defeat, but Harry Ramsbacher won the second point for our team with a strong 3 on 1. With the same result, the third single with Gerhard Rainer was lost and the score was 2:2. Everything now depended on the outcome of the last singles, in which our president Fritz Kaltenbrunner met the clear No. 1 of the Weißenbachen Horst Fehringer. Fritz not only showed his incredible match play qualities in this match, but also delivered a sensational score of 1 over par, defeating his opponent 2 on 1 and securing the final score of 3:2. The Pichlarn seniors thus maintain the number 1 position in the Enns Valley and are again in the 1st flight of Styrian senior teams. Congratulations to all players for this great performance!