Championship season 2019

The following championships were contested by the team players of our club in the 2019 playing season:

11. – May 12 – Qualification for the Österr. Senior Team Championship (GC Dilly)

31 May – 02 June – Österr. Senior Team Championships (GCC Mühlviertel)

June 21 – 23 – Österr. MidAm Team Championships (GC Regau Attersee-Traunsee)

06 – 07 July – Styrian Club Team Championships (Thermengolf Fürtenfeld-Loipersdorf)

August 31 – September 02 – Styrian MidAm Team Championship (GC Thalersee)

Austrian Senior Team Championship – qualification and remaining in the 6th division

Three weeks after the successful qualification for the Austrian Senior Team Championship, we played against three more teams in a round robin system from May 31st to June 2nd at GC Mühlviertel for the positioning in Division 6. On the 1st day of play we – Erich M. Pötsch & Hannes Schuster, Heli Lemmerer, Harry Ramsbacher (7 on 6), Richard Pickl (2 on) as well as Gerhard Rainer – met the later group winner GC Frühling and had to admit defeat to them in the end with 2:3. On the other two days of play our president Fritz Kaltenbrunner strengthened the senior team and thus we were able to field a very strong foursome with Hannes Schuster and Heli Lemmerer, who finally got the upper hand against GC Murau-Kreischberg after a hard fight. Gerhard Rainer and Fritz Kaltenbrunner both sent their opponents into the clubhouse with 7 on 6 and Richard Pickl secured the deserved final score of 4:1 with 3 on 2. On Sunday the match against GC Schwechat followed with another win of our foursome (4 on 3), clear wins of Gerhard and Fritz and a split game of Richard for a deserved final score of 3,5 : 1,5. With this we have secured our place in the 6th division and will not have to go through the qualification mill again next year!

Many thanks and congratulations to all players and caddies for their personal commitment as well as for the great fighting and team spirit in this Austrian team competition, where we once again represented the colors of our home club more than worthy.

Styrian senior team championship – 2 wins and stay in the 1. flight

To conclude the 2019 championship season, the Styrian Team Championships were on the agenda last weekend at GC Graz Thalersee. On the 1st match day Heli Lemmerer & Ewald Luidold met in the foursome, Edi Weitgasser, Gerhard Rainer, Hannes Schuster (a.s) and Richard Pickl (3 on 2) to the strong GC Andritz, against whom we finally had to accept a 1.5:3.5 defeat after an unlucky 3rd extra hole. On the 2nd day of play, the match against GC Almenland was therefore already about remaining in the 1st flight. Hannes Schuster and Richard Pickl had to admit defeat to their strong opponents, our foursome (1 on) and Gerhard Rainer (5 on) were defeated. 3) ensured with their victories the intermediate score of 2:2. Thus, the match decision depended on the outcome of the last singles, which was contested by Erich M. Pötsch. After the hard-fought equalizer on the 16th hole and the split On the 17th hole, it came to a showdown on the last hole, which the senior captain won with a strong drive and a precise pitch and thus fixed the final score of 3:2 and at the same time the preservation in the 1st flight.

On the final day we finally met the GC Murstätten in the fight for the 5th final place, which we – Heli Lemmerer & Ewald Luidold (2 on 1), Gerhard Rainer, Richard Pickl (6 on 5), Hannes Schuster (3 on 2) and Erich M. Pötsch (5 on 4) – defeated sovereign with 4:1. Overall, the Pichlarn seniors showed a very strong team performance despite the short-term absence of Robert Meier due to injury. This great sporting success is a real pleasure and once again proves the fighting spirit as well as the great team spirit of the Pichlarn senior team!