Championship season 2014-2016

Match reports for the 2016 season

Styrian MidAm and Senior Team Championships 2016

midAms: Our midAms with Amandus Köberl, Manuel Laiminger, Michi Flicker, Johannes Baltl, Bernhard Bonfert, Bernhard Gruber and Pickl Richard had to give up the foursome due to a traffic accident of Amandus in the first match against GC Klockerhof and finally had to admit defeat 1:4. Unfortunately, the second game against GC Almenland was also lost with 1.5:3.5, which ultimately resulted in the 4th place in the 2nd flight.

Seniors: After last year’s successful defense of the position in the 1st flight, the aim this year was to maintain this position at the Styrian Senior Team Championships at GC Schloss Frauenthal. The omens for this were not particularly good, since this time with Harry Ramsbacher and Heli Lemmerer two important and successful players from the previous year were absent due to injury and at the same time the midAms also held their team championship in Frauenthal, which affects the player availability and selection.

The 1st match day gave us with the GC Murstätten – the reigning Austrian team national champion – an extremely strong opponent, to which we finally had to give up with 1:4. Hannes Schuster and Ewald Luidold provided the honorary point with their shared singles. The 2nd match day against the team of the GC Murtal-Kreischberg went, both the result and the games concerning, much tighter. Unfortunately, it was again not enough to win, although our president Fritz Kaltenbrunner and again Ewald Luidold offered a very good performance and ensured the more friendly final score of 2:3. Highly motivated and confident, we started the third and for the preservation of the 1. flights decisive match against the home team of GC Schloss Frauenthal, which we could still defeat in last year’s encounter. This time, however, many a drive and putt went unrewarded and finally we had to admit defeat 1.5:3.5 despite fierce resistance – the points were contributed by Gerhard Rainer with a win and Hannes Schuster with a shared match.

Regardless of the defeats, it was a total of four interesting, beautiful and also very entertaining days in Frauenthal with an unbroken good mood in the senior team. In any case, we fought well and represented our GCC Schloss Pichlarn with the new team dresses worthy – both on the course and off at the aprés golf in the Buschenschank, ice cream parlor, Ponyhof and other locations!
Many thanks again to each and every player for their willingness to sacrifice a few days of their precious free time for the club and for the team. Despite the defeats, the team spirit lives and that alone counts like a victory!

Styrian Club Team Championships 2016

Our fighting team with Johannes Baltl, Max Flicker, Matthias Luidold, Markus Mayer, Richard Pickl, Marco Pustisek and Christoph Perhab unfortunately could not use the home advantage at the Styrian Club Team Championships. The opening match against GC Freiberg was lost with 1:4, the second match against St. Lorenzen brought a close 2:3 and thus the relegation to the 3rd flight.


Austrian midAm Team Championships 2016

In Division 3C our midAms with Hannes Schuster, Berhard Bonfert, Gerhard Rainer, Johannes Baltl, Fritz Kaltenbrunner, Richard Pickl and Ewald Luidold competed at the Austrian Team Championships at the Salzburg GC Mittersil. The boys fought bravely, but initially remained winless and luckless with defeats against GCC Brunn (1:4) and GC Bömerwald (0:5). Against GC St. Veit, however, our team showed its class in the last match and prevailed 4:1. It is not yet clear whether relegation to Div. 4 takes place or the team remains in the 3rd division after all.
2016 was a very mixed season, but we are looking ahead and all team players are fully motivated to do better this year. In addition, there is an unbroken good cohesion and team spirit in the team – at this point we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the players who represented the colors of our club at the above-mentioned championships last year! It is by no means a matter of course to devote several days to our club at one’s own expense (the club only contributes the entry fee) and to follow the spirit of the game even at various championship competitions.


Match reports for the 2015 season

Styrian Senior Team Championships 2015

After last year’s promotion to the 1st flight, this year the Pichlarn seniors had to defend this position at the Styrian Team Championships at GC Murau-Kreischberg. The omens for this were not particularly good, as two players, Robert Meier and Peter Stuchly, were absent or absent due to injury, and at the same time the midAms also held their team championship at Kreischberg. Thankfully, our veteran Harry Ramsbacher supported the seniors, who were short of replacements, and thus selflessly put himself at the service of the entire team!

At The first match day was against last year’s winner from Freiberg, who finally lived up to their role as favorites. The clear final result of 1:4 (all square for Edi Weitgasser and Heli Lemmerer), however, seems much clearer than the course of the individual games would suggest – in the end, not too much was missing for a real surprise against the friendly Freiberger, who secured the championship title again this year. The 2nd match day brought us with Maria Lankowitz another very strong opponent, who also inflicted us a 1:4 defeat (all square for Edi Weitgasser and Harry Ramsbacher).

So it was clear that the last match against Frauenthal had to decide whether the team would stay in the 1st flight. In the 20 minutes available for the team line-up, the phones were running hot after initially only four players – Edi Weitgasser, Hannes Schuster, Erich M. Pötsch and Reini Mayer – were available for the final day. Finally, captain Erich M. Pötsch lined up both Heli Lemmerer and Harry Ramsbacher for two of the four singles and offered up all his motivational and other arts on the way home to the Ennstal to get the two players to play in the all-important match on Sunday as well. Finally, the two of them made it possible for us to compete with a full line-up even on the decisive 3rd match day – many thanks to Harry and Heli!

The match against Frauenthal turned out to be a real thriller – the foursome with Reini Mayer and Erich M. Pötsch was unfortunately clearly lost, as well as the first single by Hannes Schuster, which caused us to fall behind 0:2. Edi Weitgasser and Heli Lemmerer were still in the lead at this point (2 up and 3 up respectively), Harry Ramsbacher was already 4 under after hole 13. With moral support from caddy Christian Wohlmuther and great routine, Harry finally fought his way to 1 under, equalized on the final hole after a rather exciting course of play and thus forced a play-off. In the meantime, Heli also finished his game on 18 with 1 up and scored the first point for our team. Edi also had to play a jump-off after an unfortunate outball on the final lane. Harry now played all his routine and equalized with a par and the victory after 19 holes to 2:2. Edi had his opponent on After a three-putt on the 19th hole, he missed the early victory – so he returned to the tee on the 18th hole. But this time it worked – Edi holed the putt to win the game and the match after 20 holes!
Congratulations for winning and thus staying in the 1st flight as well as many thanks to all players in this quite exciting and thrilling championship!

Match reports for the 2014 season

Styrian Senior Team Championships 2014

Pichlarn seniors come up trumps!

From June 20 to 22, the Pichlarn seniors fought for promotion to the 1st flight at the Styrian Senior Team Championships at GC Freiberg. After a common warm-up round on Friday we met the team of GC Murau-Kreischberg in the first match. The start did not go according to plan for the foursome (Erich M. Pötsch and Heinz Kraupatz) – after 6 holes Murau was already 5 up and everything looked like a quick end. Following the motto “Only letters are given up”, the foursome fought its way back (quite unexpectedly for the opponent) and finally won 1 up. At the same time all other games were already over with wins in the singles for Edi Weitgasser, Robert Meier, Hannes Schuster and Peter Stuchly. With this sensational 5:0 the promotion to the 1st flight was already fixed and so it was a bit more relaxed on Sunday against the GC Almenland. The foursome (E.M. Pötsch with Bernhard Gruber was balanced for long stretches, but in the end lacked a bit of routine to play home a possible victory. Unfortunately, the first single was lost and the score was 2:0 for Almenland. Robert Meier and Hannes Schuster proved to be invincible again and equalized to 2:2. Everything now hung on the last and decisive single, in which Peter Stuchly (with brand new yellow pants) remained strong nerves and secured the 3:2 victory against Almenland on the 17th hole.

2 victories + promotion to the 1 flight – a nice and at the same time very successful golf weekend for the Pichlarn seniors at GC Freiberg. Congratulations and thanks to the senior team for the effort and for the great atmosphere!